Making research easier in Word with Researcher

If you are responsible for writing papers for school or work, you know you spend a lot of time cruising web sites, copying information, and then trying to remember where you found everything so you can cite it properly. There’s a feature in Word that can help with that, and it’s called Researcher. I found out about this tip from Christian Buckley during one of our Productivity Tips sessions. Here’s how it works…

In the Tell Me box, type in Researcher:


On the right side of your screen, the Researcher pane appears, and it’s ready for you to start searching and gathering information:


In this example, I’m searching for Type 2 diabetes:


It will return information related to that subject, much like it would be if you were to go out to Bing and start searching. You can scroll down the results and expand out the sources, copying and pasting content that you’d like to retain for your research or writing:


And in order to cite the sources, you just need to click on the Plus symbol next to the source, and it will add the citation at the point in the document where your cursor is at:


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