Selecting all the content in your Excel spreadsheet

Not being an Excel guru, I tend to do things manually instead of using features that can make things a LOT faster… such as selecting all the data in an Excel spreadsheet. I’ve been known to do a lot of scrolling to find the end points and dragging to select everything. It’s a lot easier just to use the CTRL-A keyboard shortcut!

In this example spreadsheet, I want to select just the cells with data in them. I need to select one of the cells that has data (in this case, A5), and press CTRL-A:


When I do that, Excel automatically selects just the range of cells that contain data:


However, if I click CTRL-A again, Excel selects ALL the cells in the worksheet (if you need that for some reason):


By remembering this keyboard shortcut, you can save a ton of time trying to select just the data instead of searching for it.

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