Generating random numbers in Excel

On Twitter this weekend, I found a cool link on how to generate random numbers in Excel. Considering I normally use a random number generator site to do this, I thought it was a pretty cool tip.

First, highlight the number of cells that matches the number of random numbers you want. In this example, I want to get three random numbers:


Next, type in the function =RANDBETWEEN(nn,nn), with the first number being the low range of the random numbers, and the second number being the high range. In my example, I want three random numbers between 2 and 250:


Once I have that typed in, I hold down the CTRL key and press ENTER. That will fill in my highlighted cells with random numbers between 2 and 250:


I encourage you to go out and read the article, as there are a few caveats to keep in mind, such as this method can and will generate duplicate numbers. There is another method he covers that’s a bit more complex, but it eliminates most of the duplicate number risk.


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