Break out of your rut with Office templates

When I go to start a new Word document or Excel file, I nearly always take the default blank template in the upper left corner. However, I recently decided to scroll down and see what Excel file templates were out there. I was amazed at what options I had to create something that was “out of the ordinary”.

In this case, I wanted to create a checklist of items to pack when I go on vacation. A simple two column spreadsheet would work, but I wanted something a bit nicer. This is the template page that comes up when you start Excel:


I scrolled down a bit and found a Vacation Items Checklist template:


Clicking on the template brings up a description as well as the option to download and create a spreadsheet based on that design:


Voilà! I now have a vacation packing spreadsheet that replaces an iPhone app, and that I can customize and make as flexible as I need it to be:


This same template feature exists for both Word and PowerPoint also. I *really* appreciate the PowerPoint template option, as I’m not known for my “design creativity”.


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