AutoRecover in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint

So have you ever been working away on a Word document or Excel file, only to have the power go out or your laptop throw the Blue Screen of Death? All your work… gone.

But not necessarily… if you have AutoRecover configured in your Office programs (specifically, I’m referring to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), you will only lose a limited amount of work. Here’s how you do that…

In any of those programs, go to File > Options > Save, and you’ll see the settings (using Excel as the example here):


You can set how often you want Office to autosave your document, and where you want it to be saved at. Furthermore, if you make the mistake of closing the file and not saving it, AutoRecover will still keep the last autosaved version in the location you specify.

The options looks exactly the same for Word and PowerPoint, too:



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