Locking the Track Changes feature in Word

Sometimes the Track Changes feature in Word is a nice convenience, but at other times it’s a critical requirement to make sure no one changed the contents of a document. To prevent someone from hiding their changes by turning off the Track Changes feature, you can add a password to lock people out from turning it on and off. Here’s how that works…

Alternative Use of Outlook’s Email Signature Feature

Today’s tip comes to us via a work colleague… I didn’t know that the Signature feature in Outlook could be used in so many different ways! Check out the two links below for details on how to create, use, and manage signatures.

The key to inserting any of your signatures in an email is to place your cursor within the body of the email (wherever you’d like the signature text to go) and select Insert > Signature.

Break out of your rut with Office templates

When I go to start a new Word document or Excel file, I nearly always take the default blank template in the upper left corner. However, I recently decided to scroll down and see what Excel file templates were out there. I was amazed at what options I had to create something that was “out of the ordinary”.

Meeting Reminders in Outlook

It’s a pretty safe bet these days that we’re all swamped with meetings on our calendars, and we need a reminder when the next meeting is due to start. Here’s how to set up Reminders on your calendar entries (both for yourself and for others you invite to the meeting), as well as how to hit the Snooze button on the alarm.

Searching for date ranges in Outlook

I received a great tip from Tamara Bredemus yesterday when it came to searching for mail in Outlook. She needed to narrow down her inbox to only show items for a two week period. By using the received keyword in the search bar, she easily made that happen. Here’s how…