Adding Pronouns to your Microsoft 365 profile

Just like our names, pronouns are extensions of our individual identity. You may have noticed that people are including their pronouns on email signatures and as part of their video conferencing identification; you can now include yours in your Microsoft 365 profile.  This information will appear in Outlook and Teams. Here’s how that works…

To set your pronouns using Teams, hover over your image (like in Chat). When your profile card pops up, you can click on the + Pronouns link:

You can also get there by clicking on your profile picture in the upper-right corner of Teams, then clicking on your name when the account information shows up. That will launch your profile card, and you can access the + Profile link from there:

In the Add your pronouns dialog panel, add your desired pronouns and click Save:

The Profile updated dialog panel appears showing how your profiles will be displayed in Teams and Outlook:

Here’s what it now looks like in Teams:

And here’s what it would look like from within Outlook on the web. Please note… the pronoun information will not show up if you’re using the Outlook client:

For more information, check out How to add your pronounsPronouns best practices, and Frequently asked questions about pronouns in Microsoft 365.

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