Filtering out calendar entries on Outlook for the web

If you’re like me, you often screen share and demo things for your customers. But when it comes to showing off things like my calendar, there are times when I’d rather not show things that I have marked as private. I recently learned you can filter your calendar display on Outlook for the web. Here’s how that looks…

I’m looking at my calendar for this week, and my items I have marked as Private are all categorized as yellow entries. For the purposes of demoing, I’d like to not show anything that is Private:

In the ribbon bar, I go to Home > Filter > Privacy > Not Private. That will only show me things on my calendar that are not marked as Private:

Once I apply that filter, all my Private items are hidden, and I see in the ribbon bar that my filter only shows things that are Not private:

This makes me more comfortable when it comes to demoing with my own data, but not sharing things that are not work-related. If you look at the second image, you’ll see there are a number of other filters you can use if you want to refine what you’re showing. Keep in mind that this doesn’t *delete* the items from your calendar. It only hides them from being displayed.

Please note… this only works on the browser-based version of Outlook. The Outlook client does not have a calendar filter feature.

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