Ending a meeting in Microsoft Teams

I’m sure you’ve all experienced the “never-ending Teams meeting”… The organizer leaves the meeting, expecting the recording to show up momentarily. However, the recording never seems to show up. If you go back into the meeting (which should be over), you’ll find that one person who was off doing something else, and they’re still in the meeting… muted and causing the recording to go on and on and on… If you’re the meeting organizer, you can force the end of a meeting when you leave by using the End Meeting option. Here’s how that works…

As the organizer of the meeting, click on the dropdown arrow next to the Leave option. Select the End Meeting option instead of the default Leave option:

You’ll get a prompt letting you know that you’ll be ending the meeting for everyone (which is often what you want). Click on End, and the meeting will end for everyone, they’ll be forced out of the meeting, and the post-meeting processing will begin:

This is a great way to avoid those meeting recordings that have hours of dead air at the end.

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