Duplicating a meeting with Outlook on the web

Have you ever had a rather complex meeting to set up, complete with a number of attendees and a lot of information in the body of the invite? And then, much to your dismay, you have to set up the same meeting again on a different day, complete with all the work it took you to get the first one set up? Did you know there’s a Duplicate Event option for the calendar in Outlook on the web? Here’s how that works…

While looking at your calendar on the web-based version of Outlook, you can right-click on an existing meeting (“test meeting” in this example) and select Duplicate event:

You can also open up the calendar entry and click on the Duplicate event button in the menu bar:

Outlook will bring up a new calendar entry that is an exact duplicate of the event you selected. You can then update the time and information as necessary and Save the new event… all kinds of time saved!

Please note: This is *only* available in Outlook on the web. It is not available in the Outlook client.

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