Using Filters in your Teams Activity Feed

While the Activity Feed can give you a lot of good information across all your Teams spaces and chats, it can be hard to find just the items you are looking for. You can make that a lot easier by using the filters in the Activity Feed to narrow down the content you’re looking for. Here’s how that works…

When you click on the Activity icon in Teams, you’ll see your Feed. To the right of the Feed, you’ll see an inverted triangle icon that shows the different types of things you can filter on:

When I click the triangle, I get an ellipsis that lists all the various filters I can use, such as Mentions, Replies, or Reactions:

I can choose to just type in a search word, and it will show everything… posts, replies, chats, etc:

But in this case, I searched for my name and filtered it to only show Mentions. Now all I see are activities where I was mentioned by someone:

Try these filters next time you’re in your Activity feed to reduce the clutter and find your content.

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