Seeing Unread Only in your Microsoft Teams Activity Feed

The Activity Feed in Microsoft Teams is a great way to get an overall view of posted items, replies, and various other things that have happened in Teams spaces that you are part of. But… it can be really hard to wade through the mix of things you have and haven’t yet read. There is now an Unread Only toggle in the Activity Feed that will help you focus only on the things that you haven’t yet looked at. Here’s what it looks like…

In my Activity Feed, I have a lot of items involving posts, replies, and other things. However, there are both read and unread items fighting for my attention. By default, the Unread Only toggle is turned off, so I see everything:

But when I switch that toggle on, I now only see items that I haven’t yet read:

Again, this is a great way to find those unread items that are buried deep down in your feed.

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