Creating Tasks from a Microsoft Teams chat entry

The nice thing about having a wife who is a user training and adoption specialist is that she lets me know about cool tips she finds… and this one is pretty cool! You can create a task from a Microsoft Teams chat entry, which is perfect when you have something you need to follow up on. Here’s how that works…

Here I have a chat with Sandra, and I want to make a task of the entry about a conference party invite. When I hover over that chat entry, I click on the ellipsis and select More actions > Create task:

That brings up the task panel where I can select the Tasks category, the priority, and the due date of the task. It also includes the person, date, and time of the entry, as well as a link back to the chat entry in Teams. Once I fill in the due date, I click on Add task:

The task is now created automatically. I can find it in Teams using the Tasks by Planner and To Do app, and it will appear in the Tasks category:

If I use the Microsoft To Do app, it’ll appear there in the Tasks category:

Keep in mind this only works for entries in Microsoft Teams chats. At this point in time, it does not work for channel conversation entries in Teams.

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