Creating a persistent Microsoft Forms response spreadsheet

If you use Microsoft Forms, you know that in order to see the responses you need to export them to Excel. However, having to export them *every single time* you want to see the responses can be a pain point. Did you know you can pre-create the Microsoft Forms response spreadsheet in OneDrive, and then you simply have to open it to see the most up-to-date responses to your Form? Here’s how that works…

To start, go into your OneDrive and select New > Forms for Excel to create the Forms response spreadsheet:

Give the Excel file a name. This will be the name of your Form. Click Create to open your Form:

Microsoft Forms will open up with your new Form, and you can add questions as needed by clicking on Add new:

When done, you can test the Form using the Preview link:

Answer the question(s) on the Form, and click Submit to save the responses:

Now go back to your OneDrive and find the Excel response file that you created:

When you open up the spreadsheet, you’ll see your responses have been stored in real time… no more manual exporting!

Please note: This only works if you are in your OneDrive. If you are in a document library of a SharePoint site, you will not see this option.

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