Using Adjust Brightness and Soft Focus in your Microsoft Teams video meetings

High-definition cameras are great for some things, but there are times you *really* don’t want people seeing all the “fine detail” on your face during a video call. Microsoft Teams now has two settings that will help smooth things out a bit… Adjust Brightness and Soft Focus. Here’s how they work…

In your Device settings, scroll down to the bottom of the options. You’ll see the two options for Adjust brightness and Soft focus. In this first example, I don’t have Adjust brightness turned on:

In the second example, I turned on the brightness adjustment. You can see it’s lightened up the right side my face a bit. This is a very useful setting if you’re in a darker environment, and you want to brighten things up a bit:

And in the final example, I have Soft Focus turned on, and the scale set to maximum. If you compare that to the second example, you can see a softening of some of my facial lines. It’s not dramatic, but it might be the perfect thing to help minimize the bags under my eyes:

For more information, check out New Microsoft Teams Filters Enhance Personal Appearance in Video Meetings.

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