Microsoft Teams “Chat With Self”

Ok… I know when most people hear about this, they’re like “why do I want to talk to myself?!?”. However, I think Microsoft’s Teams Chat With Self feature is pretty cool and gives you a different way to make quick notes to yourself. Here’s what it looks like…

If you have the latest version of Teams, you’ll see a new entry at the top of the Chat column. It’s your name, and it’s pinned so that it stays there. The chat area shows that “this is your space“:

You can jot short notes to yourself, add files for later reference, or even send yourself an animated GIF if you’re so inclined:

There’s many times where I just want to make a short reminder to myself to do something or follow up on something. I could do that with pen and paper, write it in OneNote, send myself an email… or now I can just drop the note in my self-chat and I can follow up on it later.

This may be something that fits with your working style, but for me, I love it.

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