Adding time zones to your Outlook calendar on the web

My colleague Sandra got a nice surprise today… she got a pop-up in her web-based Outlook calendar that pointed her to a new feature… adding time zones! This is a really cool feature for those of us who work and live in more than one time zone. Here’s how it works…

Here’s the pop-up she received letting her know this feature is now available. If you see this, you can click on Go to Settings, or just click on Settings in the upper-right corner of the Outlook calendar:

Under the Calendar settings, you’ll see a new option for Time zones:

I changed the label on my main time zone (Pacific) to be PDX for Portland Oregon. I then added a second time zone for Central time, and labeled it MCO for Minneapolis. I then clicked on Save:

Now in my calendar, I have my two time zones listed, and it is SO much easier for me to add Central time zone items and get the right times based on Pacific time:

This feature has been out on the Outlook client for some time. You can go to Outlook Options > Calendar > Time zones, and do the same thing:

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