Adding the Published date to a SharePoint Online page header

This is a nice feature that we recently had show up in our tenant. You can now set the page header on a SharePoint Online page to show the Published date so that everyone can see when it was last updated. Here’s how you do that…

Here’s a page in a SharePoint Online site. Since I have elevated access to the page, I can see the Published date next to the Edit button. But people who are only able to read the page cannot see that, and there’s no way they can tell when the page was last updated:

When I put the page into Edit mode, I can click on the page header to see the Edit (pencil) icon. That allows me to change the properties of that web part:

In the Title area properties, I can scroll down and turn on the option for Show published date. As you can now see in the lower-left corner of that web part, the date the page was last saved (draft or published) now appears:

And here’s what the page looks like once it’s been republished. Anyone can now see the date the page was last updated, and can assess whether the content is current or not:

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