Visual indicators when a SharePoint library folder is connected to a Microsoft Teams channel

As you may know, every Microsoft Teams space has a SharePoint site attached to it in the background. All your files that you post in a Teams channel get stored in the backend SharePoint site in the Documents library, and the folder that they’re stored in matches the name of the Teams channel. However, if you’re just looking at the SharePoint Documents library, you may not know which folders are connected to Teams channels. Now there’s an indicator that makes that more obvious. Here’s how that works…

In this example, I’m in the Documents library of the SharePoint Team SharePoint site that’s part of our Microsoft Teams space. I’m looking at the Power Automate Flow Failures folder, which is part of the SharePoint Team space in Microsoft Teams. I can tell it’s attached to a folder as it has a Go to channel button in the menu bar:

When I click that button, it will automatically take me to Microsoft Teams and launch the Teams channel associated with that folder:

This is a great way to tell which folders are associated with Microsoft Teams channel, and as such shouldn’t be deleted or renamed.

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