Using Designer for Microsoft Word on the Web

Sometimes it’s hard to find a consistent look-and-feel on a document that you’re creating in Microsoft Word. Now you have some help in the browser-based version of Word… Designer. Here’s how it works…

Once you have a document loaded in the browser-based version of Word, select Home > Designer:

On the right-side of the screen, the Designer panel appears and gives you the option to correct some basic formatting issues as well as applying a theme across the entire document. In this case I clicked the option to Fix and review 4 formatting issues, and each one of the issues appears in the document with an option to accept or reject the change:

Here’s another example of a formatting error that it found:

Finally, I selected one of the themes to get a standard font type and style across the document:

It’s still a relatively new feature, so you can expect to see additional formatting options and suggestions over time. And do remember… this is only for the browser-based version of Word, not the Microsoft Word client.

For more information on the feature, check out Inside the new Designer for Microsoft Word.

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