Snoozing emails in your browser-based version of Outlook

I tend to live in my inbox (don’t judge), and it’s a bit irritating when you get an email that you need to act on, but not for a period of time… and it just sits in your inbox until then. Sandra Mahan showed me a better way to deal with that… Snooze! It’s possible to use the Snooze function to set a future date to have the email show back up in your inbox, and you can ignore it until then. Here’s how it works…

In the browser-based version of Outlook, right-click on an email in your Inbox and select Snooze. Either choose one of the default date options, or select Choose a date to set your own custom date:

Pick the date and time to have your email show back up in your Inbox and click Save:

The email gets moved to the Snoozed folder and will stay there until the selected time for re-delivery:

If you’re using the Outlook client, you don’t have a Snooze function. The closest you can come is to right-click on the email and select Follow Up > Add Reminder:

You can then set a to-do item to remind you about the email at a future date, but you’ll need to move the email out of your Inbox manually:

For more information on these two options, check out How To Use Outlook Online’s Snooze Tool and How to snooze an email in the desktop version of Outlook.


  1. I would LOVE to have the snooze feature in Outlook desktop. There are paid products that do this, but it is surprising to me that they have the feature in OWA and not desktop. Anyone know if it’s on the roadmap? I can’t find anything on that.


  2. I would love for Outlook to explain why this is not offered in the desktop version. I cannot think of a single reason why this is available in the app and web versions, but not the desktop version. Why do I have to stop what I am doing, find my phone, look for the app, find the email and of course start scrolling tik tok insta etc. Its a total inefficiency.


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