Snoozing emails in your browser-based version of Outlook

nd to live in my inbox (don’t judge), and it’s a bit irritating when you get an email that you need to act on, but not for a period of time… and it just sits in your inbox until then. Sandra Mahan showed me a better way to deal with that… Snooze! It’s possible to use the Snooze function to set a future date to have the email show back up in your inbox, and you can ignore it until then. Here’s how it works…

Meeting Reminders in Outlook

It’s a pretty safe bet these days that we’re all swamped with meetings on our calendars, and we need a reminder when the next meeting is due to start. Here’s how to set up Reminders on your calendar entries (both for yourself and for others you invite to the meeting), as well as how to hit the Snooze button on the alarm.