Adding Tasks from a Microsoft Teams chat or channel

If you’re running the latest version of Microsoft Teams, there is a feature that is awesome for making sure you follow up on items that show up in a chat or a channel conversation. You can now create Tasks from chat and channel conversations, and they can show up in your Tasks app in Teams. No more missed or forgotten items! Here’s how it works…

Here I have a chat going with Sandra, and I want to put her agenda post in a task for me to work on. To do that, I click on the ellipsis for the chat message and select More actions. In the pop-out for that, you should see Create task:

When I click on Create task, I get a task dialog screen that gives me the option to place it in Tasks (which is where I want it for my personal follow-up), set a priority and due date, and see the text of the chat message. Once it looks complete, I click on Add task:

Now in my Tasks app in Teams, I see my new task!

Here’s what it looks like when I open it in Tasks. It also gives a link back to the actual chat message in Teams in case I need to get back it:

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