The History Menu in Microsoft Teams

If you spend most of your day in Microsoft Teams, you know how difficult it is to bounce back and forth between various teams, apps, tabs, and so forth. If you have to go to a new workspace, you then have to try and figure out where you were before. Microsoft has now made it easier to get back and forth between areas by giving you a History Menu in the upper-left corner of the Teams client, much like the forward and backward buttons in a browser. Here’s how it works…

In the upper-left corner of the Team client, you’ll find forward and backward arrows to hover over to see the last few places you’ve been to in Teams:

In this example, I hovered over the back arrow and can see the last 12 locations I’ve been in, and I can quickly return to those locations without having to remember exactly how to drill down to them:

This is a great feature and will save you a lot of time navigation around Teams on a daily basis.

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