Queuing Microsoft Teams messages when you’re offline

It used to be that when you were disconnected from the internet, any messages you tried to send in Microsoft Teams would end up giving you a failure message. You could retry, but if you’re disconnected, it wasn’t going to go anywhere. Now, Microsoft Teams will queue up those unsent messages for 24 hours, meaning you can continue to work and respond to messages even though you’re disconnected. Here’s how that works…

In this example, I’m not connected to the network, and I’m sending two messages to Sandra. The icon next to the messages is an empty round circle, meaning they have not been sent:

Once I reconnect to the network, Teams will go ahead and send them out, indicated by the round circles with a checkmark in them… no error messages!

This queuing will last for 24 hours. If you’re disconnected for more than 24 hours, the message send will fail like before, and you’ll be asked to resend or delete the message.

BONUS! There’s a “Phase 2” to this feature, and that’s the ability to edit a message while you’re disconnected. Turns out we have that, too!

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  1. There are also the messages that were sent while you were connected and were read by the receiver, however they continue to sit there with the empty circle and they NEVER go away. Microsoft bug!


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