Reducing background noise in Microsoft Teams meetings

Now that many of us are working from home and attending seemingly endless online meetings, the issue of background noise has become a common battle. Dogs, voices, kids, and various other sounds make it into the meeting, and it’s often hard to filter it out short of going on mute. Now Microsoft Teams has a Noise Suppression setting that you can use to have a more automated approach to suppressing your background noise. Here’s how it works…

Click on the Profile picture in the upper-right corner of the Microsoft Teams client, and select Settings:

Under Devices, you should see the options for Noise suppression. They are Auto (Default), High, Low, and Off:

Off is what you’d expect… no noise suppression occurs. Low is designed to filter out more persistent noise, such as fans or music. Auto is set to filter out ambient noise. High suppresses non-voice noise, and it is the most aggressive setting. However, keep in mind that it also requires more computer resources, so it may slow down your computer. Once you make this setting in your Microsoft Teams client, it will be in effect starting with your next meeting.

A colleague of mine said they were in a meeting where this feature was being demoed, and the speaker changed their setting to High. They then crumbled a bag of potato chips right in front of their microphone, and you couldn’t hear a thing. 🙂

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