Turning off message preview in Microsoft Teams chat notifications

Have you ever been in a situation where someone is looking over your shoulder at your screen, and a chat notification shows up with a message preview you’d have preferred not been seen? Same thing with sharing your screen (and not being in Do Not Disturb mode), and someone sends you “commentary” on someone in the meeting?


Now you can turn off the message preview function in Microsoft Teams chat notifications. Here’s how that works…

In this example, Sandra sent me a Teams chat message, and the wording could be awkward if the wrong person saw it:

To prevent that, I can turn off message preview in Teams chat notifications by clicking on my Options picture in the upper-right corner and selecting Settings:

In the Notifications settings under Appearance and sound, I can turn off the setting for Show message preview:

Now when Sandra sends me a Teams chat message, I’ll only see that she sent it, and no content will be displayed:

Just a caveat… Notice when you *do* show message preview, the notification box allows you to reply. If you have message preview turned off, you can no longer do that.

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