Scheduling page publishing in SharePoint Online

This is a feature that our organization has been asking for ever since we went live with SharePoint Online… the ability to schedule when a page should be published. If you have a Modern Page Library (often called Site Pages), it’s pretty easy. Here’s how it works…

First, you need to activate Scheduling for your page library. To do that, click on the Scheduling option on the library menu:

On the options panel, turn on the Enable scheduling option:

Scheduling for pages in that library are now activated.

Now when you create a new page, click on Page Details to launch the Page Details panel. Turn Scheduling on and select the date and time when it will appear on the site. When that’s complete, click the Schedule button (replaces the Publish button):

The page now tells you when it will show up on the site:

When you look at the pages in the Site Pages library, you’ll see a calendar/clock icon next to pages that have been scheduled for publishing:

You can also get to the Scheduling option by selecting an item in the library and clicking the Information icon:

That brings up the Page Details panel, and from there you can turn on Scheduling for the page, as well as setting the date and time for it to appear on the site:

Please note: If you change a page that is scheduled to be published, it will turn off the scheduling option for that page. You need to turn scheduling back on for that page, as well as resetting the time and date for it to appear on the site.

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