Transferring a Microsoft Teams meeting to another device

I’m sure everyone’s been on a Microsoft Teams meeting that is running longer than expected, and they need to leave for an appointment or errand. Unfortunately, hanging up on the call may not always be an option. Now, you have the option to transfer the meeting to another device, such as your iPhone. Here’s how it works…

I was in a meeting on my Teams client on my laptop. Then, using the Teams app on my iPhone, I called up my calendar and saw an option to join the meeting in progress. I clicked on the blue Join button at the top of the screen:

The Teams app asks me if I want to join the meeting using my iPhone (which means I’d be in the meeting twice), or if I want to transfer my attendance in the meeting over to my iPhone. Choosing the Transfer to this device option means I will join the call on my iPhone, and I’ll be removed from the meeting on my laptop:

Before it joins me to the meeting, it gives me the chance to set video and microphone options. Once I set everything the way I want it, I click Transfer now:

On my laptop, the Teams meeting says I’ve transferred to a different device, and removes my connection to the meeting on my laptop. This provides excellent flexibility to being able to stay connected, even when you can’t necessarily stay on the device that you originally signed into the meeting on.

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