Grouping your contacts in Microsoft Teams

If you’ve been using Skype, you’re probably familiar with the ability to group your Skype contacts into various contact groups to help you keep people organized. However, in Microsoft Teams chat, it’s a bit more hidden. Here’s how to create contact groups in Microsoft Teams, and how to add people to them.

First off, go into the Chat area of your Microsoft Teams client:

Click on the dropdown arrow next to Chat, and select Contacts:

This shows your existing contact groups. To create a new group, click on Create a new contact group:

Give your new contact group a name and click Create:

Once you have your new contact group, click on the Ellipsis icon and select Add a contact to this group:

Find the name of your contact and click on it:

If that is the right person, click on Add:

You now have a new person in your new contact group!

1 Comment

  1. Great I can create a group, but I can’t use that group name for anything, I still need to add each person in the group to a chat, calendar/teams meeting invitation?


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