Customize your Service Health page in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Microsoft does a great job in providing a single dashboard of Service Health in their Microsoft 365 Admin Center. There’s a new addition that makes it even better… You can now filter the issues to only show information that’s applicable to you in your role as a Microsoft 365 administrator. Here’s how that works…

When you are in the Admin Center, go to Health > Service health, and click on Preferences. In the Custom View option, you will see a list of the offerings you have in your tenant, and you can select/deselect the ones you want to see on your Service Health page:

When you click on the Email option, you can do the same type of selection to target just the offerings you want to get via email:

This ability to filter what you see and don’t see is specific to you, so everyone who is a Microsoft 365 administrator can set their own preferences based on their job roles and responsibilities.

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