Testing your Microsoft Teams calling with /testcall

With the corona virus running rampant around the world, many people are working remotely from home in order to help stop the spread of the disease. Microsoft Teams has become a vital part of this remote working scenario, but not everyone is sure that they’re set up properly to have a call or a meeting using Teams. You can use the /testcall feature in Teams to see how your remote set-up is working. Here’s how to do that…

In your Microsoft Teams client, you can enter a forward slash (“/“) to get a list of commands. The command you’ll need to enter or select is /testcall:

Machine generated alternative text:
d Privacy statement. 
Send quick message to a person 
Set your status to do not disturb 
See your recent files 
Go rightto a team or channel 
Get help with Teams 
Join a team 
See keyboard shortcuts 
See all your @mentions 
See someone's org chart 
See your saved list 
Make a test call 
See all your unread activity 
See what's new in Teams 
Recording has stopped 

This will start a test call with Teams Echo (TE). You’ll see your controls for the video camera and the microphone, as well as the icon to hang up. TE will ask you to leave a short message that will be recorded and played back to you:

Machine generated alternative text:
Jsino labra PRO 9 

Just babble away for a few seconds, checking to make sure you can see yourself via your video camera in the lower-right corner. Once you stop talking, TE will stop recording and will play back your message to make sure your microphone and speakers are working as you expected:

Machine generated alternative text:
Search or type a command 
Using Jabra PRO 930 

After TE hangs up, you’ll get a synopsis of what is (or isn’t working). If everything is green, then you’re ready to have calls and meetings via Microsoft Teams. If any of your items are red, check with your help desk or Teams administrator to get things working the way they should:

Machine generated alternative text:
Search or type a command 
Microphone - Headset Microphone (Jabra PRO 930) 
Speaker - Headset Earphone (Jabra PRO 930) 
Camera - Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 
Go to device settings

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