Read Receipts in Microsoft Teams

Read receipts in Microsoft Teams is one of those features that will have two very distinct reactions from people. Some will love the idea of being able to tell when people have read the latest information in the chat (I fall into that camp). Others will have a strong “it’s none of your business” reaction, much like read receipts in email (which I will admit to hating). So I’ll put this out there for your viewing pleasure, and you can react as you see fit. 🙂

Here’s an example of what the receipts look like in a group chat. The eyeball icon, when you hover over it, says Seen by everyone. The checkmark icon says Sent:

725 AM 
Just noticed we didn't get a ticket on 
Yesterdav 8:40 AM 
Did we turn off those alerts?

This feature has three different options that can be set by the administrator for your tenant:

  • User Preference (DEFAULT): The user can decide where they want to have the receipts turned on or off. By default, the receipts are turned on. The user can turn them off.
  • Everyone: All users will have read receipts turned on, and they will not have the option to turn them off.
  • Off: All users will have read receipts turned off, and they will not have the option to turn them on.

If your tenant uses the User Preference option, here is how you can turn them on or off. Click on the user picture icon in the upper-right corner of your Microsoft Teams client, and select the Settings option:

Duff, Thomas 
Change picture 
Working from Minneapolis, Minnesota in my 
home office. 
O Settings 
Keyboard shortcuts 
Check for updates 
Download the mobile app 
Sign out 

Under Settings > Privacy, use the slider option to turn the Read Receipts feature on or off:

@ General 
Q Devices 
Do not disturb 
You can still receive notifications from people who have priority access 
when your status is set to 00 not disturb. 
Manage priority access 
Read receipts 
Let people know when you've seen their messages, and know when they've 
seen yours. 
Participate in surveys from Microsoft Teams.

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