Using the Meet Now feature in Microsoft Teams

If you’re like me, there are many instances during the day when you’re in Microsoft Teams and you want to have a quick meeting with a group. However, it’s a pain to have to schedule the meeting first, and then hope that everyone can join. Now, you can just use the Meet Now option in Teams to create an ad-hoc meeting without the hassle of setting things up first. Here’s how that works…

Click on the Calendar icon on the left-side navigation bar, and then click on the Meet Now button in the upper-right corner of the workspace:

Teams will give you a screen to update the name of the meeting, set video and audio, and then join the meeting:

Machine generated alternative text:
Search or type a command 
Choose your audio and video settings for 
Meeting with Duff, Thomas 
Join now 
a, 02) 
Other join options 
Audio off 
@ JabraPRO 930 
Phone audio

Once you’re in the meeting, you can invite the individuals who should join you. There’s no overhead in trying to set up a calendar entry first for everyone to accept and join:

Machine generated alternative text:
Search or type a command 
You are the only one here. 
Invite someone or dial a number 
• Currently in this meeting (1) 
Duff, Thomas 

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