@-less Mentions in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to flag someone in a chat or conversation by using the @ symbol before their name, such as @Duff, Thomas (the format of our names). There’s now a new way to flag someone’s name, and all you have to do is start typing their name. You don’t need the @ any more. Here’s how that works…

In this particular conversation, I want to flag Sandra. Normally I’d start with @Mahan, but now I can just start typing her name, and I get a list of suggested names:


Once I pick a name from that list, her name shows up like it would using the @ format, and she’ll be notified that someone used her name in the conversation:


This is great for situations where you don’t know the exact spelling of someone’s name, or you just want to pick a name instead of trying to get the spelling and format right.


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