Getting more screen real estate in Microsoft Teams with Expand Tab

This was a simple little thing I saw Sandra Mahan do during a Teams meeting yesterday, but it had completely skipped my notice earlier. When you’re in a Teams Channel tab (other than Conversation), you can expand the screen to remove all the Teams information on the left side of your screen. There’s an Expand Tab icon that does that for you. Here’s how it works.

In this example, I’m in a Planner tab in my Unified Communications > General Channel. On the left side is the normal list of all the Teams I’m part of. If I have a small screen I’m working on, this can take up way too much space that I could use to show content.

To reclaim some of that space, I can go to the right side of the screen and click on the Expand Tab icon (two arrows pointing outward):


When I do that, my list of Teams disappears, and the tab uses that extra space to display content. In this particular tab, I got enough space to show an additional column in my Planner. If I want to re-display my list of Teams, I just click on the Collapse Tab icon (two arrows pointing inward):



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