Editing your video transcript in Microsoft Stream

This tip is the result of someone asking me yesterday whether they could edit a transcript once a video had been uploaded to Microsoft Stream. My initial thought was either “no” or “you can upload your own”, but then I hit the interwebs for some research. Much to my surprise, you *can* edit a video transcript, and it’s pretty easy!

First, call up the video you want to edit. This does assume you are an owner of the video and/or have owner rights to it. At the bottom of the Transcript panel, you should see an Edit button. Click it to put the Transcript into Edit mode:


Once you’re in Edit mode, you can click a Transcript snippet to allow editing for that section. If you click on the black circular arrow icon, the video will start playing at that point so you can listen to what was actually said:


Once you’re done, you can continue editing snippets, or you can click Done and get on with your workday:


Now… I’ll be the first to admit that what *you* think you said and what *Stream* thinks you said are often two different things, and it can be mildly amusing to see what the automated transcription service comes up with. I don’t think you’re going to want to do this with every video you upload unless it’s a formal company video and/or the transcription errors are a bit too… “interesting”. However, it’s there if you need it, and it’s pretty easy to do.

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