Repeating Excel formatting functions with F4

This is a cool feature that I was unaware of… you can use F4 to repeat a formatting function in Excel. I tried out the F4 repeat on a couple of cell formats, and it works pretty well. Here’s how…

Here’s an Excel spreadsheet where I’ve highlighted an individual cell in yellow. I place my cursor in a blank cell and click F4:


The cell where I clicked F4 is now also highlighted in yellow:


In this example, I typed text into a cell that overran the width of the cell, and I used Home > Wrap Text to reformat the cell to keep everything within the given width of the cell:


Once that was complete, I clicked into another cell and used the F4 function to copy the same formatting function into that cell:


Now when I type in that cell, the text wraps automatically:


And when I hit enter, the cell expands vertically to show all the text I entered:


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