Getting your Microsoft Stream video content on your mobile device

I am a big fan of Microsoft Stream in Office 365. It’s a great way to share the video content in your environment in a managed and intuitive way. And now, it’s even better in that you can use the Microsoft Stream mobile application to watch your video content on the go! Here’s how that works…

Go out to your mobile device’s App Store, find the Microsoft Stream mobile application, and download it. Once the download is done, you can start using it!

When you first go into Stream, you’ll see the Discover screen that shows you all the content you have access to view:

stream-mobilehomediscover-20190124-1 - copy

Clicking on the My Content option shows you any items that you have in your Watchlist, as well as any videos you’ve downloaded to your mobile device to watch when you don’t have any network connection:

stream-mobilemycontent-20190124-2 - copy

The Settings option is primarily for setting the video quality while download and streaming content:

stream-mobilesettings-20190124-3 - copy

Here are the options for both streaming and downloading:

stream-mobilesettingswifi-20190124-4 - copy

And the options for both of those are the same… Standard for normal quality (recommended) and Higher for more definition (and it takes up more bandwidth and/or space on your mobile device):

stream-mobilesettingswifibandwidth-20190124-5 - copy

When you click on a video, it starts to play automatically. Using the icons listed above the Show More option, you can Like the video (the heart), download it for offline viewing (the cloud), add it to your watchlist (the checklist), or share it with someone (the arrow). You can also click Show More to see the text descriptions for each of those icons:

stream-mobilevideo-20190124-6 - copy

Like so…

stream-mobilevideoshowmore-20190124-7 - copy

If you’ve added something to your Watchlist or Offline Videos queue, you can find them in your My Content screen. Just click on the video, and catch up on all the content that you didn’t have time to view during the day:

stream-mobilemycontentoffline-20190124-7 - copy

I’m really thrilled with this particular Office 365 mobile application, and it’s one that I think will be a regular part of my video content viewing for work. I definitely recommend you give it a try!

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