Using the Screenshot feature in Excel

Here’s a feature in Excel that I never noticed before… like *that’s* a surprise! 🙂 If you need to add a screenshot in an Excel spreadsheet (perhaps for documentation), you can use the Screenshot feature that’s built into Excel… and you can manipulate the image once it’s out there! Here’s how you do that…

When you’re in an Excel spreadsheet, select the cell where you want the screenshot to be positioned, and select Insert > Screenshot:


You are presented with a selection of all the currently open windows (the window *has* to be open to show up), and double-click on the one you want to put into your spreadsheet:


You now have that screenshot in your spreadsheet, and you can use the Picture Tools > Format Ribbon Bar options to manipulate the image, such as cropping, color correction, or any other tweaking that gives you the effect you’re after:


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