Bookmarking Teams chat and conversation items with the Saved (Bookmark) icon

While Microsoft Teams makes it very easy to have chats and persistent conversations throughout the day, there are times you might want to flag a particular entry in the chat or conversation for follow-up or additional action. You can do that with the Saved, or Bookmark,  icon in each chat entry. Here’s how that works…

Here I have a conversation in my departments General > Conversations tab. I happen to love the Mine Mine Mine seagull meme from Finding Nemo, so I want to save that chat entry for later. To do that, I hover over that conversation item and see the Save (also known as Bookmark) icon. I click on it:


That action saves it in my Teams client:


When I click on my profile picture, I get a dropdown which includes access to any and all items I’ve saved. I click on that option:


That brings up a list of all my saved entries. When I click on any one of them, it will take me back to that point in the conversation or chat:


Once I’m done with the reason I saved it, I just de-select the icon, and the entry disappears from my Saved list.


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