Finding the length of time you’ve spent in a Word document

Do you sometimes feel like you spent the entire day editing a single document in Word? Now, there’s a way to find out exactly how long you’ve spent in a particular document. This cool tip came to me via Hayley Milliman

When you’re in a Word document, click on File in the Ribbon Bar:


Select Info, and you can see the Total Editing Time in the Properties column:


You can also see the editing time by right-clicking the file name in Windows File Explorer, and clicking Properties:


Under the Details tab, you’ll see Total Editing Time:


A couple of caveats to keep in mind… First, the total editing time is accumulative and is running whenever you have the document open. So, if it’s an older document, the total editing time could be quite large. Second, the Total Editing Time via Windows File Explorer only seems to update once the document has been saved and/or closed. If you want accurate numbers while you’re updating the document, use the File > Info method from within the Word document.


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