Windows 10 and Show Touch Keyboard Button

If you have a tablet device, you know that Windows 10 will show a touch keyboard on the screen when necessary. But you can also get that touch keyboard to appear on a non-tablet device for a monitor that doesn’t recognize touch. Here’s how…

Right-click in an open area of your task bar and select the option for Show touch keyboard button:


Once you’ve done that, you’ll see the Keyboard Button appear in the right-side of your task bar:


When you click that button, the lower half of your screen will turn into a clickable keyboard that you can use via touch or via your mouse if your monitor is not touch-enabled. One of the nice features of this touch keyboard is it has a single button to get to the Windows 10 emoji keyboard:


When you click the smiley face, you’ll have the full range of emojis for Windows 10:


Granted, this isn’t a killer tip just because you can use more emojis. It can be useful in a pinch if for some reason your physical keyboard stops responding, and you need to do something on your computer before you shut it down or reboot.

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