Getting a pop-up emoticon panel in Windows 10

Today we have a fun tip that I stumbled across on Twitter from one of my colleagues. It involves getting an emoticon panel in Windows 10 that can be used in a number of the software packages that you use. Here’s what you do…

When in Windows 10, press the Windows key and the Period key at the same time on your keyboard. That should cause the emoticon panel to pop-up:



What you’ll see depends on what software you’re using. When I was testing this with Sandra, the icons came over as small and in black and white:


However, if you highlight the emoticon before you send it, you can right-click to get the option to change your font settings. If you change the size and color of the font, you can get something that’s a bit more readable:


On the other hand, programs such as Word and Outlook copy the emoticons in full color:


And again, if you highlight the emoticon and change the font size, you get something that is much more readable:


This definitely isn’t a make-or-break tip… just a bit of fun to brighten up your week. 😄

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