Getting Word to read your document to you

Haven’t you wished at times that your computer could just read a Word document to you so you could… “multi-task” while getting the document content? Or, in a more realistic scenario, you have vision issues and having the document read to you would be more accessible? Actually, there *is* a way to make that happen. Here’s how…

With your document open in Word, select View > Read Mode:


This changes the layout of the document to remove the Ribbon Bar. To start the reading, select View > Read Aloud:


Word will start reading the document out loud, highlighting each word as it is read. There’s also an audio toolbar in the upper right corner to go back, forward, or pause the narration:


Once the reading is over, you can get back to your regular Edit mode and Ribbon Bar by selecting View > Edit Document:


Now you’re back to the normal mode in your document, and you can proceed with whatever you need to do at this point.


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