Adding an In Folder column to your Outlook Inbox

A colleague passed along a cool tip on how to easily see what folder an email is in, especially when you’re doing a search. Here’s how you add an In Folder column to your Inbox in Outlook…

While in your Inbox, go to View > View Settings > Columns:


Change the Select available columns from field to All Mail Fields, select In Folder, and click Add ->:


The In Folder column will now appear in the Show these columns list. I clicked the In Folder column and clicked Move Up to place it before the Categories field, and then clicked OK to save that selection:


Now when I do a search for the word tip, I get all my results along with information about which folder I can find the document in:



  1. Exactly the advice I was looking for, but after the “In Folder” column is added, you need to select “Change View” in the View tab and either “Save Current View as a New View” or “Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders”. Otherwise your settings will revert to the default settings once you change folders.


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