Using AutoText in Word Quick Parts

When you’re in Word, you often have to use certain blocks of text in many different documents. Instead of typing the same content over and over (or using copy and paste from something like Notepad), check out the Quick Parts AutoText feature instead…

To add a text selection to the Quick Part AutoText Gallery, highlight it and then select Insert > Quick Parts > AutoText > Save Selection to AutoText Gallery:


Word will show a dialog box for the saved text selection, allowing you to name it, select the gallery to store it in, select a category (so you can build up a library of selections), describe the snippet, select which Word document template to store it in, and decide how it should be treated when you paste it into a Word document:


In this case, I have a blank Word document. To add my AutoText, I place the cursor where I want the text to appear and select Insert > Quick Parts > AutoText > whatever selection I want:


Once I click the selection, my text shows up in Word! No retyping and no copy and pasting:


(And because I know this will be the most often asked question from this tip… You’re welcome.)

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