Using AutoText in Outlook Quick Parts

So earlier this week I shared a tip on how to use Quick Parts and AutoText in Word. One of my colleagues at work let me know this feature also exists in Outlook! Here’s how it looks and works there…

To add an entry to your Quick Parts AutoText Gallery, highlight the desired text in a new email and select Insert > Quick Parts > Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery:


That will bring up the Create New Building Block dialog box, and you can name your selection along with selecting the gallery, a category, a description of the text snippet, what email template you want to store it in, and what type of formatting options will be used when you select the entry:


To use that piece of AutoText in an email, put the cursor where you want the text to appear and then select Insert > Quick Parts > whatever selection is appropriate:


Your AutoText selection shows up in your email, and you don’t have to spend time retyping it or copy and pasting it from some other location:


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