Voting buttons in Outlook

A colleague brought this feature to my attention, as I had never noticed it before. In Outlook, you can send an email with simple voting options to get quick feedback from people.

When you are creating a new email, go to the Options tab. It’s there you’ll find the option to use Voting buttons:


For demo purposes, I created an email asking if everyone likes pizza, and I gave them the option to choose Yes or No:


When I get the email, it directs me to record my vote by clicking the Vote icon and choosing one of the options:


Once you vote, you get this option for sending the email:


If you’re viewing your email in preview mode, the voting feature doesn’t have any icons. You just click on the blue message and select your option from there:


When you start receiving the responses, you can open any one of the emails and check the overall votes:


And there you have it!


While this is rather cool, you need to keep in mind that this feature is only available in Outlook and within our email environment. If you send it outside the company, the people receiving the email won’t be able to vote, even if they *are* using Outlook.

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