Searching for date ranges in Outlook

I received a great tip from Tamara Bredemus yesterday when it came to searching for mail in Outlook. She needed to narrow down her inbox to only show items for a two week period. By using the received keyword in the search bar, she easily made that happen. Here’s how…

In this case, I want to only show emails in the month of May 2017. In the search bar, I use the search phrase received:5/1/2017..5/31/2017. “received” is the keyword, followed by a colon, then a from and through date (in mm/dd/yyyy format) with two periods in between the dates (no spaces). When I do that, you’ll see I get all the May 2017 emails in the search results:


Since it would take far longer than “just a minute” to cover all the other keyword options you can use and combine with each other, I’ll just point you here for further reading and discovery:

Thanks to Tamara for this great tip!

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